Beware of Coin Op on Craigslist

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Beware of Coin Op on Craigslist

Postby HSaidman » Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:39 pm

Beware of any coin op machine on a foreign Craigslist especially England. Basically someone is taking high ticket auctions off of ebay, and copying the photos and descriptions . The person then posts the items on Craigslist in London. They usually only show a few photos and if you ask for me, they will send the others from the Ebay ad they copied them from.

Right now there is a rare peanut machine. In the background you see a Priority Mail box. That is kind of funny. You can tell the box is brand new. Why would someone in England be using a Priority Mail box. Below is one of the fake ads.

Another ad I keep seeing is for a Lincoln peanut machine. Those pictures were taken in my kitchen a few years ago when I sold that machine on Ebay to a collector on the West Coast.
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Re: Beware of Coin Op on Craigslist

Postby ReneRondeau » Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:14 pm

This exact same scam is also being perpetrated in the antique phonograph hobby almost every week.

Although the "seller" purports to be in the UK, there's a very strong probability that he is located elsewhere. If you are ever given a phone number starting with 44 070xxxxx, beware. It is a "redirect" number. (44 is the country code, all 70-prefix numbers are redirects.) These calls can be forwarded to anywhere in the world. African scammers use these numbers routinely to make it appear that they're in the UK without having to leave their local Internet cafe. (For more information, read this detailed article found at an extremely informative site that combats Internet scams (

One key bit of advice: if any seller demands payment by Western Union or Moneygram, walk away. You have zero recourse; it's no different than putting cash in an envelope and mailing it off. It's gone forever.
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