Is this a fake?

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Re: Is this a fake?

Postby sam2002 » Fri Sep 23, 2016 4:31 pm

Time for my reply .

Dave you have a real nice forum here and I have been a happy member since joining , but the petty nature of some of the comments made are a shear turn off . This forum seems to at times be taking on a braggers den atmosphere where only the most well seasoned collector can say whatever they want and the rest of us had better just sit back and listen .I would think that the veterans on this forum would be happy to have people such as myself on this forum. A "newbie" though I have been playing with these machines for around 8 years . At age 58 I have become fascinated with these machines and have restored and repaired many machines , not just slot machines,but arcade games from the 40's ,as well as a Buckley Deluxe digger . The digger is the accomplishment I am the most proud of, and for it not for the help of one particular member of this forum I would probably still be stuck in the mud working on it.

This forum is a definite asset to the coin op world . I don't live eat breathe slot machines but they are a definite positive in my life .
I will never have the knowledge and experience of all of you seasoned veterans of this forum and am happy this forum is here and that you choose to share your vast knowledge with us . I have learned from many here on this board and am grateful they share their passion of this hobby with me .I have had some awesome conversations with folks on this board who have taken time from their day to speak with me on the phone .To that I am grateful and would like to thank those of you who have helped me ,and for sure you do this with others as well . I have been privy to stories from the old timers from back in the day and have found myself fascinated listening to them tell their stories . I only wish I had found this hobby earlier in life !
I just want you all to know I am not unappreciative as was stated about me in an earlier post on this topic.

I am no less a man then any of the others on this forum I deserve to be treated with respect and dignity as much as anyone on this forum . My mother taught me at a young age if you don't have something good to say to or about someone don't say anything . When a grown man hurls a comment at me referring to me as an idiot I have a right to respond . Though getting into a pissing match on the internet is not going to happen . If someone wants to think me an idiot then so be it . But if they want to call me an idiot then it is best to do so to my face ! The only person that calls me an idiot and gets away with it to my face is my wife .
Freddy got bent out of shape when I offered him $400 for one of his entry level machines that he advertised on this forum . He said make an offer in his advert . I started low he declined . Freddy and I spoke on the phone for some time he explained to me he had a higher offer I said no problem let me know how it goes . After that he said he would call me and tell me what the high offer was and if I wanted to bid a bit more he would sell it to me .
We had quite a good conversation I had explained that I really didn't need the machine but if the price was right I would buy it . I knew $400 was to low and told him so . I was willing to go higher and waited for his return call .He never called back .At that time I considered Freddy quite the gentleman . I figured he found a seller and never heard another word until he went on about how nobody on the forum wanted his machine and he sold it elsewhere . Bill if it is best not piss Freddy off then that be fine, but I say Freddy can extend the same courtesy to the others ,that he expects from them .

I'm a "newbie " ( I hate that word ) and feel the same as some of the others and feel it is time for me to take some time off from this place .

It's a nice forum for the majority of time but flames flyin are not good for anyone .
I hope I have not fanned the flames and have done a good job explaining myself in a way that others can understand . It can be quite different trying to type than to say it in person .

"Newbies" are going to keep this hobby alive ! Encourage them !!!!!

P.S. If my grammar stinks ohh well , No english major here !
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Re: Is this a fake?

Postby mechanic » Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:49 pm

Bill seen you called, was OOT at the time. I vote to make Bill the official ambassador to the forum. All in favor say AYE !!!! or is sergeant at arms better?
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Re: Is this a fake?

Postby Anglobritish » Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:11 am

I would take this time to apologise to the gentleman that offered me the $400.00 for one of the machines that I just happened to come across. We did have a pleasant conversation with him , where he did explain that he did not really need any more projects but if he got it at a crazy price he would take it, he was a genuine Gentleman, I don't want him to think I was aiming at him, but I did have a couple of other forum members who did mess me around, without mentioning any names they must know who they are. I did offer a couple of other Keeney electric models that I wanted to move out of my garage, and one of our respected forum members made a deal with me to buy them and come and collect them a few weeks later, I did not hear from him for a month, so I called to ask him what had happened, he told me he had forgot about it, so I think my comments were justified.

Although I am a very busy man in my business, I alway try to answer any member with genuine questions, and I enjoy doing so, but when I say we have several idiots who are only looking for Freebies, I stand behind my comments.
P.S. I removed my Aviator picture from the Forum, perhaps I should put a picture of my beautiful wife of 16 years, who is much more expensive to maintain than any Rolls Royce, just joking, she is the love of my life along with our beautiful 11 year old daughter Rachelle.

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