Buyer beware of seller on eBay stating machine Rare 1920's

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Buyer beware of seller on eBay stating machine Rare 1920's

Postby firefox1 » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:22 am

Buyer beware of seller on eBay stating a machine is a RARE 1920'S MUTOSCOPE GRANDMA PREDICTIONS "WAX" FORTUNE TELLER when it is a reproduction. He is aware its a reproduction because of his previous listing. His previous listing states....." A beautifully remade version of the 1930s International Mutoscope Fortune Teller. THIS IS A COPY OF THE 1920'S MUTOSCOPE GRANDMA PREDICTIONS. ONLY 10 OF THESE WERE MADE."
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Re: Buyer beware of seller on eBay stating machine Rare 192

Postby SLOT DYNASTY » Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:07 pm

Thank you for keeping an eye out, in regards to our all-out-war, on steering our serious collectors away from
all the Reproduction, Fake, Bogus, Home-made, and whatever else you want to call much of the Junk that is
continually placed on the eBay block, to snooker our collectors. Especially the newbies, that enter our hobby
on a regular basis. Many of the sellers that offer these machines, know exactly what they are offering, and
do not put in their descriptions, the real truth. There are a few that list an item as a reproduction, from time
to time, and may be priced accordingly, which is fine, if a non-collector just wants something for their game
room. But some of those are even overpriced. As I have always said, "if you don't do your homework on an item,
you are more than likely, going to take it in the shorts".
I am not familiar with the Grandma Fortune Teller that you are referring to. What category is it listed under?
Perhaps you can place the link here, for all our Forum members to check out.
Thanks, Bill
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