Quarter War Eagle

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Quarter War Eagle

Postby flipper77 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:36 am

This may not truly qualify as a Fantastic Find - in fact I question my sanity in getting started on this basket case. The quarter denomination convinced me and the seller came off his naïve premium price for a rough-rough. Base completely disintegrated but a friend came through with a War Eagle base. Nice early 10 stop mech. As rough as wood and paint are, I still plan to leave fully original. Just too many repro junk quarter war Eagles - no one will ever suspect this is not an original antique! More as the project continues.

004 (2).JPG
006 (2).JPG
010 (2).JPG
019 (2).JPG
025 (2).JPG
024 (2).JPG
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Re: Quarter War Eagle

Postby SLOT DYNASTY » Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:36 pm

You question 'Fantastic Find'?
In my book, my friend, any original machine that has had a Battleship-Load of Repros made of, is indeed a Fantastic Find,
regardless of a rotted wood base. Being as your friend has graced you with a base, (original, I hope), you are home free.
I have confidence that you will be able to get all the loose seams glued, and work with the patina of the wood, and be
able to save the stenciling, and even the decals, which are in better shape than most machines. The original paint is also
better than most. A very light washing, (no scrub-brush), in soap and water can save many an original paint job, as long as
it isn't turning to powder. You can highlight the castings with a fine steel wool. Don't try to buff, and get compound in the
groves. For the downside, the plated items are a tough call, as the handle looks the worse. The award card frame may be
savable with some chrome polish. On the plus side, the mechanism looks to be in exceptionally clean condition. Even all
the springs look good, and the reel strips are also presentable, with maybe just a tad of light cleaning. You are a very
lucky fellow, to find a machine that can be saved as close to original, as this one. Good luck, and keep us updated. I love
seeing these kind of projects. =D>
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Re: Quarter War Eagle

Postby MJFHouston » Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:36 am


In my book that's definitely is a fantastic find. Some people just have different options or views on what is or isn't. Congratulations on the find. Keep Looking!! Not too long ago I also posted a 25 cent all original war eagle that I found locally here in Texas that needs a lot of work as well. I love finding these machines. I'm going to add to your post, instead of creating another post for a fantastic find, hope you don't mind. I just picked this Penny War Eagle up yesterday and brought it home. It is complete with everything except the keys for both the back door and cash box lock which Ill have rekeyed with some spare Mills keys I have. This machine works fabulous. The serial numbers match. I have one quick question...Why on the award card are all the payouts listed with a question mark?

Here's the story behind the machine that was told to me by the owner I picked it up from. The current owner told me the machine was acquired in the 50's or 60's by his father-in-law in trade for yard work he had done for a family that lived in Wausau Wisconsin. The father-in-law had trimmed trees and did yard work for the family for over 40 years. The family wanted to show their appreciation to him so they gave him the slot machine. The family he did yard work for was the Wright family who owned a music store and radio station in Wausau. There home was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright..in the shape of a music note.

When the father-in-law passed away the current owner acquired the slot machine and kept it, which he explained became a favorite of their grandchildren and many friends. The Grandchildren are older now and he felt it was time for someone to enjoy the machine.

The current owner explained to me he has cleaned and kept the machine up but it has never been restored . Which I agree the machine will go untouched, I don't plan on doing a thing with it.

Mills Penny War Eagle 002.JPG

Mills Penny War Eagle 001.JPG

Mills Penny War Eagle 003.JPG

Mills Penny War Eagle 005.JPG

Mills Penny War Eagle 006.JPG
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Re: Quarter War Eagle

Postby flipper77 » Sat Sep 26, 2015 4:59 pm

Follow up on the barn find quarter War Eagle. Found pieces of an original Mills wood base and with a bit of glue and one piece from the original base, was ready to assemble. I did buy a repo wood case just in case (first pic) but really wanted to keep all original. And the original pieces all came together nicely. Here are the assembly steps - is there any more fun than building a machine up like this? Rescuing a neat machine from the ravages of a wet dirty barn inhabited with mice? Yep, I did bring a mouse into my car with the machine (my wife was not amused!). Plays nicely and pays correctly. Love these fully original machines not tampered with and not messed up - even if you have to invest a ridiculous amount of time to put back in operating condition. :lol:

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