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Re: . . . fantastic (?) find

Postby JHSS-1944 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:01 am

Thank you Jim on your information on these tokens.
what's shown came with the machine a few years back. actually first machine I bought, at a gun show believe it or not. the copper slugs were in it also.
my statement ... " for looks only" was mentioned, because I could never get these to drop down ,even if you tried to force them. they never work , since not the correct ones = o.k.

Please, after the holidays if you can ,post an image or 2 of the originals. we'll need to hunt them down for my machine.
I'm kinda surprised that no one is reproducing these types of tokens. far to many machines up for sale ,which have none of their token with it.
in my photo, they are lined up in "amount " of free play ;3 =56, 5=43, 10=13, 15=4, 25=1, 50=2, & 100=1.
no clue if this arrangement was standard. Back then ,I did try to find more for sale & found very few.
again , thank you Jim.
jeff H.
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Re: . . . fantastic (?) find

Postby nvmos2 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:13 pm

Shown below is a photo of the Sparks Champion gold award token;
it has "Sparks" on one side and "Champion" on the other.
it is a little larger than the tokens used in the payout tube.
The GA dispenser holds 5 GA tokens.

Additionally, there were at least 2 versions of the Sparks payout tube tokens (shown below).
One version has "Sparks" in script, similar to the Ginger design.
the other version has a more bold "Sparks".
I have only seen these tokens for cigarette packs;
pretty sure I have never seen Sparks tokens for Free Plays.

JHSS: sorry but I have no extras of these tokens.

Sparks Champion GA Token

Sparks payout tube tokens
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Re: . . . fantastic (?) find

Postby JHSS-1944 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:15 am

Thank you for sharing the photos of them ! now I know what to look for. very nice.
wounder who else has seer seen these before?
Again , you would think someone would be reproducing these types of tokens. (maybe you should..... ).
jeff H.
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