Caille Ben Hur

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Caille Ben Hur

Postby damikeguy » Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:00 am

Finally found a Ben Hur. This is not the one from the Morphy auction. Needs a little cleaning. Has 6 bugs on it that I will be removing. From looking at the serial number Database it looks to be a very low serial number. Stamped on the door and case bottom is serial number 183. Looks to be all original. I am debating on if I should try to clean the nickel plating up a little bit. Any thoughts from the experts out there on cleaning would be appreciated. If anyone can send me a picture of how the coin head lock secures the coin head cover to the case it would be appreciated. With the coin head cover locked I can still pull it off. Looks like something is missing where the lock comes into contact with the case. In the first picture, the small hole in the center of the wood is where I'm thinking i am missing something. I am also looking for any information/literature on this machine.

Thanks again.
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