Burtmeier Pony 1934 Slot machine on sale

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Re: Burtmeier Pony 1934 Slot machine on sale

Postby Dave » Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:53 am


I see nothing wrong with Stephane's post.

There are so many scams out there that people really need to be careful.

I am making no comment about this machine and have no reason to believe the listing is not accurate but here is a true story.

Many years ago there was a fake RAT on eBay. The photo was taken from another listing and I knew for sure it was a scam.

I contacted the seller as a very interested buyer. I asked for more photos and he sent more photos from the original listing.

I then asked for a photo with a local newspaper in it. He was VERY good at photoshop and photoshopped in a newspaper. If I zoomed in very close I could see that it was photoshopped in but I think it was good enough to fool 95% of the people out there.

I then asked for detailed photos of the mechanism. These were not included in the original eBay listing. He then got very defensive. I asked again and he got more defensive.

I then sent him the original eBay listing.

End of discussion and end of story.

Bottom line, one needs to be very careful when buying a machine from someone they have never had business with before.

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Re: Burtmeier Pony 1934 Slot machine on sale

Postby aldiener » Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:21 am

Thank you, Dave, for posting your perspective.

I had sent the following message privately to Randy and Stephane:

Thank you Stephane and Randy for stepping up and saying something about the Burtmeier Pony 1934 Slot machine which was being offered for sale. I am one of those newbies that might be susceptible to fraudulent sales and/or machines and I appreciate you offering your experience and wisdom.

Stephane, you clearly said in your initial post, "And dear MaverickPT, if it s not a scam...." which allowed for the possibility that this was a legitimate post.

In any case, I did not want to throw fuel on the fire but I did want to express my gratitude for your time and care on our listserv.

For clarity, I welcome this type of scrutiny for any sale I post on this site. It is one of the reasons I joined this forum.

Thank you all for your efforts on our behalf.

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Re: Burtmeier Pony 1934 Slot machine on sale

Postby MONTI » Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:08 am

randyvw wrote:i don't get it? stephane merely posted a warning to be careful, because he saw what HE thought might be a phony sale. it's guys like him that have saved MANY of us from ourselves. people sell stuff they don't own, or that is bad, all the time. he DID say "if legit"..... no need to come unglued. MY thanks to stephane for watching out for the rest of us. keep it up, our resident phony-phinder that we relied on for so much has passed on, so he's got big shoes to fill.

Thanks for your input Randy and yes I believe you speak of our Dear Friend Bill Whelan who is Greatly missed here on the Forum!
I think of him every time I see a Phony Golden Nugget slot machine, which is often!
As both he and I live in Northern California I had the pleasure of speaking with him on the telephone many times and will miss his deep voice when my phone would ring when he called or I called him!
He was a Great Bouncing Board for many questions due to his long relationship with Dick Beauschel who also has been gone now for quite some time!
And Stephane, thank you as well for your input and hopefully you can fill Bill's shoes as they will be hard to fill!

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Re: Burtmeier Pony 1934 Slot machine on sale

Postby Rick B » Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:52 pm

Talk about getting upset and not understanding. I will say this ,, the video is gone and he only has 20 post on this site? I am now more skeptical of him that I was when I read Stephanes very calm and nice warning. Rick B
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