Machines for Sale

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Machines for Sale

Postby nvmos2 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:41 pm

Downsizing sale; local pick up only; located in Jacksonville, Florida.
Unable to go up to Chicago show.
Photos not available; they are boxed up in a warehouse;
you know what they look like; prices are indicative of condition.
Serious inquiries; If you are coming through the Jacksonville FL area , let me know when and which machine(s) you are interested in and I’ll retrieve it and have it available for inspection.

Slot Machines;
5 cent Brown Front sold
5c Caille Cadet $800
5c Burtmeir Pony $3500
1c Pace Bantam sold
5c Castle Front sold
5c QT Chevron $1300
1c Vest Pocket $550
European Wall machines $300-$600

Trade Stims;
The Lark $550
Bally Reserve $400
5c Mills Target Practice sold
Little Poker face $550
Kenny Scramball NOS $550
Victor Roll A Pack $350
Blue Bird Try It dicer with gum NOS $900
1c Bally Skipper $600

Jennings 10c two column F&F lozenges vender $300
1c SelectaBar 5 column candy $600
1c Masters Gum sold
1c Oak Acorn near mint $100
10c 3 column Perfume Sprayer $225
1c Mills Your Exact Weight scale $900
1c Hawkeye Peanut $275
unknown 1c peanut (See Silent Salesman Too; Mystery 35) $600
rare Little Aristocrat 1c candy $550
Assorted gum/peanut machines; Atlas, Advance, Victor, Columbus, Asco, Masters, Northwestern, other; $60-$600
1c Sculptoscope $700

Rock Ola Juggle Ball (Previously owned by Dick Bueschel) $1100
1c Robbins Bingo Pinball $600
1c Daval Best Hand $700
1c Groetchen Zoom $600

Not Coin-Op;
5c Play Ball Punch (a ball) Punchboard NOS $325
Wings cigarettes paper advertising sign $50
Ideal Tip Register German Octoberfest $400
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