Milll's Elk Restoration Paper And Tokens

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Milll's Elk Restoration Paper And Tokens

Postby Ric Gandy » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:14 am

I am working on an original Mills cast iron three coin Elk. Both the cabinet and the mechanism are in good shape. I am just wondering if anyone has ever reproduced the Elk reel strip, marquee card and symbols and if anyone has ever reproduced the small payout tokens that were used with these machines. I have not been active on the coin op scene for a while. There used to be a guy who did a good job restoring the Mills Elk cabinets. Who would be the best person to contact now about restoring the cabinet if I decide to go that route? I may just sell this machine "as is" once we get it serviced and squared away and let the new owner restore it the way they want to. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
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