Need a set of reel strips made

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Need a set of reel strips made

Postby sam2002 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:23 am

I have this interesting Mills Golden Nugget slot machine probably from the sixties . It was produced by Mills when thier company was in Nevada . It is one of thier earliest hopper machines produced by Mills during the Bally slot machine revolution. Probably one of the last machines ever produced by the Mills company .
The reel strips were lost somewhere in time and someone replaced them with an incorrect set of GN strips .
My question is , is there anyone that makes reel strips “made to order”?
I have the sequence needed for the strips . The exterior of the machine is trimmed in blue , I’d like the strips to match the blue accents of the machine . Blue base color on the strips with cherry, plum, bell, lemon, golden nugget symbols to remain standard .

Anyway thought I’d pass this out to this fine crowd of folks here and see if it gathers a responce .

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