Mills Extraordinary Console--Kicker does not spin the reels

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Mills Extraordinary Console--Kicker does not spin the reels

Postby Mills Extra Con » Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:59 pm

I am restoring a 1936 Mills 25-cent Extraordinary Console machine. I have disassembled it, cleaned all the parts, replaced various springs and cotter pins, and reassembled the mechanism using Dave’s DVD as a guide.

Although I have no parts left over, I do have a couple of persistent, nagging issues, and I hope someone on the forum can help me out.

This is the second issue (the first having been posted separately).

The kicker does not spin the reels. The reels spin freely on the shaft, but the kicker does not seem to engage strongly enough the spin the reels. There may be some contact between the first reel and the kicker itself (I am looking into that), but the other two reels do not spin. I have adjusted the tension on the large spring of the main arm and have also moved the square pin that adjusts the strength of the kick but these seem to have had no effect.

Any ideas, suggestions?


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