VEST POCKET - reel strip replacement

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VEST POCKET - reel strip replacement

Postby shortrackskater » Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:50 am

I ordered two different sets of VP reel strips, years ago. I FINALLY got around to replacing them. One set had a yellow tint and needed adhesive. The other was more white and the reel strips were self adhesive. I opted for those. Removing the old strips wasn't too bad. I used a razor blade and scraped off most of the old adhesive. It's amazing, though, how much I could keep removing. Finally I used some light sandpaper and got the rest off.
I started at reel #1. Before removing the old strip, I marked out where the cherry was just below it. I carefully cut the excess off the first strip, tucked it in the notch and just wrapped it around and did the same for the other two, THINKING I had them lined up.
They looked great - however, when I cycled the machine... they were OFF! Ugh! I think my problem is that I should have released the fan right after I put on the first reel strip. Instead I had just looked at the notch in each reel and then applied the strip.
So I carefully removed the other two strips and moved them down a little. Then the first one looked off compared to the other two! I removed that one and lined it up with the other two, but not before allowing the machine to complete the cycle. Even though the reels are no longer tucked in the notch, they look decent. I used a heat gun (carefully) in hopes that heating the adhesive will endure better bonding.
If they don't hold, though - at least I'll know where I screwed up and the next set will be better. And I'll have another one to do soon anyway.
I don't even know if self adhesive is "better" or not? I ordered both of those sets quite some time ago, before I was aware of this forum. Dave? :D
Before shot, not lined up! And after shot... better.
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Re: VEST POCKET - reel strip replacement

Postby shortrackskater » Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:55 pm

Bump... there must be some Vest Pocket people out here.
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