25¢ Mills Black Beauty Jackpot + 20

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Re: 25¢ Mills Black Beauty Jackpot + 20

Postby aldiener » Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:05 pm

Hi Mechanic,
I am in agreement that I am certainly in good hands with the support of Stephane and the OldSlotsMan with regard to my jackpot issue. However, the fact that you are in Ohio and only a few hours away is comforting :-)

If I am unable to get the right tab on the right side of the jackpot moving and/or the sluggish piece
on the left side of the jackpot, under the lever, moving properly, I wonder if you might be open to providing in person support.
Of course I would expect to compensate you for your time and trouble.

In any case, I appreciate you following this post and offering your insight along the way.

To be continued, and with much gratitude....

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