Keeney & Son's Model A Skill Shot

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Keeney & Son's Model A Skill Shot

Postby Rick-okc » Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:25 pm

I found a Keeney & Son's Model A Target Skill gun game in pretty rough condition, but restorable.
One of the things that make this a unique game, IMO, is the original aluminum marquee and score castings have an antique bronze finish painted on them.
It was missing the aluminum front plate and gun. I have a spare gun and I just found a reproduction aluminum front plate that's polished aluminum.
My question to you guys. Do you think the front plate would have had the antique bronze finish the same as the other two castings?
I'm pretty sure the gun would NOT have had the bronze finish.
Does anyone have one of these games with the antique bronze finish?


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