Mills Jumbo Parade -- FOR SALE

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Mills Jumbo Parade -- FOR SALE

Postby slotman100 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:46 am

I have a working Jumbo Parade that I would like to sell. Also called the Square Bell. This machine take nickels to play or plays from credits. The machine does work either way. BUT this machine is NOT designed to payout. I have tried to get good photos as reference. The locksets on the front (opens lid) and on the side (Cashbox access) are Mills locks with working Mills Keys. For all you guys that are interest in old consoles, here's a good starter. I also have 2 books on the history, designs and working of the machine that does include wiring diagrams and mech functions. The mech is almost identical to a stand mills machine other than it has wiring attached to the horz payout levers. Will accept a decent offer. I'm planning on attending the Chicagoland Coin Op show in November and will agree to deliver there. Post reply here or email or 501-617-0846.
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