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Re: Hello people, new member

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:57 am
by Wouter
Also Nice machine Rich :D ...

When i bought mine, i could choose of three, the seller had one like yours and a mints of quality with the candys in the front.
But the condition of the others were worse, so i took this one..

Maybe in future i will sell this one, but only when i can buy an Indian Jennings....
Perhaps its better to keep it and have 2 machines.....

Re: Hello people, new member

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:07 am
by nvmos2
Hello Wouter;

Nice looking machine!
The highly polished look really stands out, but you are probably aware that they did not look like that when they left the factory;
many of us prefer an original looking patina as on the machine photos posted above by Rich.

It's appropriate that a guy in The Netherlands would enjoy a Dutch Boy model;
I wonder why Jennings would honor the Dutch Boy image;
I'm sure there are a lot of Dutch immigrants to America; don't know if there was a concentration around Chicago when Jennings made these.
They sure made a lot of variations of the Dutch Boy;
You'll note significant differences in your castings and the one owned by Rich.
a great collection would be to have them all and line them up;
the Dutch Boys literally dance all over the front of the machine.

Do you have any history on your machine?
A lot of machines went to The Netherlands from the big Chicago Coin-Op show10-20 years ago;
container after container were loaded up and shipped across the pond.
The coin head on yours looks like the mech was originally for export;
but the sticker inside the cabinet says 25 cent play
(and of course someone put a nickel award card on the front).
It would be interesting to know if the serial number on the sticker matches the top casting serial number;
the top of the sticker is damaged/folded over;
can you read any of the serial number on the sticker?

My first slot machine was a Dutch Boy; still have it after 50 years!

I lived near Uden for 3 years; loved it there and really miss your beautiful country!

Tot Ziens!

Re: Hello people, new member

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:42 am
by Wouter
Hi nvmos2,

Thanks for your reply and information, really appreciate it...Nice to hear you lived for a while in Holland..

The person i bought it from had 5 dutch boys, all were restored and had the polished look.. I thought the patina look was caused by the age of the machines, ik expected that the machines leaved the factory thosedays with a little more shiny look.. Well i like both,but prefer always original..
This machine comes from a German collector, but i dont know him in person...

And your right, the dancing dutch farmer boys was also a reason to look for this type of slotmachine....... But i also still dont understand why Jennings produced these machines, cant believe Holland was a big market, such a small country??????

The coin head is marked with 5FR, well France???? The sticker says 25 cent you say, you mean the hand drawning??
Just checked the sticker, i found the serial nummer, unfortunatedly it doesnt match with the number on top..... is this a big problem??? or do i have bad luck??? and was this a bad purchase for me???

is this because the cabinet was damaged after couple of years or the mech was broken???? Or has this something to do with reproduction or something???
Luckily the machines works fine and pays correct prices...

The community of antique slotmachines lovers in Holland is very small, so i was glad when i found this forum....after looking interesting videos from Dave.


Re: Hello people, new member

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:02 pm
by nvmos2

I did not mean to imply that the Jennings Dutch Boy was made for the Dutch market;
It was a very popular design and I'm sure that Jennings exported them all over the world, wherever they had a sales market, but by far, more were sold here in America than anywhere else.
I was just wondering why Jennings choose the Dutch Boy design;
Before they made the slot machine, there was a well known house paint called Dutch Boy Paints and they used a Dutch boy as their advertising symbol.
It was a widely recognized advertising icon and I suspect that Jennings may have capitalized on the popularity of the paint icon when they designed the slot machine.

You have a very nice machine;
it is very hard to find an all original machine.
Since the mechanisms were easily interchangeable within each model line;
even operators back in the old days often swapped out mechanism from one machine to another to keep making money.
It is also not hard to change the castings among the same model cabinets, so they also get swapped out to repair broken castings etc.
Collectors and dealers often take whatever parts are available to get a machine working.
Too bad machines can't talk; but your's has a story to tell and it gives clues with each little detail;
it's nice that it still has a sticker at all; paper stickers are often long gone.
I'd hang on to that machine until you find one you like more and only sell it if you have no place left to display it.


Re: Hello people, new member

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:23 pm
by Wouter
Many thanks for your information Jim!

I understand now the dutch boy story...

Will you ever visit Holland again?.?...

Your Welcome

Tot dan.


Re: Hello people, new member

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:43 am
by Wouter
Well i realy would like to purchase an Indian,
so perhaps someone interested in the Dutchboy, can go for 1250 euro..