Mills Mystery Mechanism

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Mills Mystery Mechanism

Postby wahsah » Mon May 07, 2018 3:03 pm

I have just obtained another slot machine for rehab. And here I am again with another request.


It is presumptively a Mills escalator Jewel Bell (at least the case seems to be), but the mechanism is a bit unusual. It is a 2-5 20 stop that has been modified. I cannot discern a serial number or other identifying marks, other than standard Mills part numbers on the base plate.

First of all, the reel strips appear to be a customized set of silver Mills CC-537. The strips have overlays in certain locations of various uncommon symbols: Melon, Dice, Eightball, and the 7. Some of the overlays have begun to peel due to age and deterioration, showing stock symbols underneath (lemon, i.e.)

Reel Strips Exemplar

More significantly, each of the overlay symbols has a corresponding payout lever that has been sandwiched in between the normal cherry-orange-plum-bell levers. That makes for a total of SEVEN separate payout levers, plus the jackpot. Looking at the below photo, counting from right to left, the payout levers are:
1. Cherry
2. Melon
3. Orange
4. Eightball
5. Plum
6. Dice
7. Bell
8. 7 (Jackpot)
The reel discs are properly slotted to facilitate the additional payout levers.
Payout Levers

The mechanism has a jackpot counter (seen in the photo) and also has a second jackpot counter that was added below reel three and triggers off of the jackpot payout slide (no photo provided).

I have audited the payouts in regard to the reels, and in addition to the normal payouts, in the event of a sequence of of three melons, or three dice, or three eight balls, each win will pay 20 coins. The 7-7-7 combination will also pay 20 coins, but it is the only award that triggers the jackpot lever. There is a single BAR on reel one and on reel three, but no BAR on the center reel, so there is no possibility of a BAR-BAR-Bar win.

The case has a fixed coin window "jackpot" that is not triggered by the mechanism in the event of a 7-7-7 win, so I assume that the machine is intended to be an "attendant-paid" jackpot.

I have not found any similar setup in my online research.
So, the question is: What exactly is this thing? :-k

Thanks in advance
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Re: Mills Mystery Mechanism

Postby Rick B » Mon May 07, 2018 3:22 pm

Looks like a Sega made machine.
Rick B
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Re: Mills Mystery Mechanism

Postby wahsah » Mon May 07, 2018 4:25 pm

Thanks, Rick B.
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Re: Mills Mystery Mechanism

Postby mechanic » Mon May 07, 2018 5:26 pm

It is a Mills Jewel with a patched reel bundle. The three thin fingers go to the Melon, Dice and 8-ball symbols. Triple 7's should either act as the bars and trip the jackpot or if a guarenteed jackpot then the 7's trip the token vendor releasing the token into the money tray. Most of these patched bundle were done by Operators or if it was in a casino then the casino mechanics did it. All Mills factory machines had matching strips, Mills did not make odd patched strips that I am aware of. Maybe the open fronts made later in the 60"s
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