Buckley slot / trade stimulators

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Buckley slot / trade stimulators

Postby 1949 » Tue May 22, 2018 7:32 pm

Hello again, I hate to do this but where do I find prices on machines that need repairs? The guy who sold me the Mills skill stop and extraordinary slot machine sent me a text and said he found some stuff he thought I would be interested in. So I went up to see what he had. First there was a 25 cent Buckley slot machine, Then he also has a Groetchen gum ball trade stimulator and he has a Groetchen high stakes (horse race) trade stimulator. I went ahead and took some pictures to put on the post so you can see what I`m talking about. The first one is a 25 cent Buckley slot machine, It`s in pretty good original shape and plays out. There is some chrome that is flacking off. Also it does not have a cash box with it. The second one is a Groetchen gum ball stimulator. It`s not in the best condition, the cases are in bad need of cleaning(buffing) and repainted. There is a back door but it doesn`t have a lock & key. The inside has a lot of surface rust on the metal, He said because it`s been stored in the attic for years. It works but needs a little attention. I don`t know if the gum ball part works. Then lastly he`s got a Groetchen high stakes stimulator and as you can see it needs HELP. The wood base needs to be completely replaced and three of the feet are missing. The wood on the sides may be repairable. There is no back door and I don`t know if you can even find one of those. Again the cases are corroded and in need of help. He says it spins free and seems to work but I would not bet the bank on that. I tried to just buy the gum ball stimulator but he said he really wants to just sell them all three together for $1,100.00 to take them home. I really wasn't wanting to buy something else to repair since I already have the two I`m working on, besides that I`m not real fond of Buckley slot machines. But I guess if it`s a real good deal, I can put them back until I finish the other two. What I really would like to know is what would you do if it was you? Thank to all in advance!
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Re: Buckley slot / trade stimulators

Postby radiorich123 » Tue May 22, 2018 7:41 pm


I would buy them and restore them. The back door is a problem. The 3 machines restored to working and good looking should bring around 2500.00 or so.

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