Jennings Mints of Quality, finally opened!

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Re: Jennings Mints of Quality, finally opened!

Postby shortrackskater » Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:23 am

Thanks for posting that photo. It helps greatly. I wish someone had the parts thought so I could see them in action. But I do see the general idea there so maybe I'll start playing around and see if I can fabricate something. It can't be that hard.
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Re: Jennings Mints of Quality, finally opened!

Postby MONTI » Sun Jul 22, 2018 10:58 am

I will look around in my non-inventoried parts bins but I can't promise anything as I have many to look thru!
You might try Larry at Cherry Restorations as he has been in the hobby for more than 40 years and has accumulated many hard to find parts!
Recently helped me with some hard to find Watling parts and he is very reasonably priced and great to do business with!
Here is his link below:
Send him the photo I posted of your base plate assembly with notations just for clarification on what you need!
The sliding coin catch plate, the operating lever, the shoulder bolt the lever pivots on and there is a return spring as well!
The point of contact of the lever that goes thru the curved slot in the base plate is on the reel timing lever so it resets on every handle pull!
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Re: Jennings Mints of Quality, finally opened!

Postby shortrackskater » Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:20 am

The delay pay mechanism has been found, thanks to Monti, who refereed me to Larry! It works fine.
However, when I went to slide back the coin box in, it didn't fit! I had a suspicion this was an original box, but not the proper one, since the little loop to pull the box out was on the side - implying this slid in longways in some other machine. The problem is that now the top of the box hits the mechanism.
Here's some pictures of the box and also the machine's delay pay stuff. I also got my mints in the display part of the machine although I need to order two more rolls for the middle part. Now I just have the label paper in there.
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