Mills Castle Front Original or Reproduction

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Re: Mills Castle Front Original or Reproduction

Postby radiorich123 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:23 am


I think Flip is right. Wrong strips.
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Re: Mills Castle Front Original or Reproduction

Postby teh461 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:41 pm

I checked for gaps between the discs but there seems to be very little play. I also see that when the first lemon lines up with two plums there are 3 holes lining up in the 3 discs at the plum finger. Same thing when the second lemon lines up with two also has 3 holes lining up at the orange finger.
I then checked each reel symbol position with the corresponding hole in disc #1. I find that the first lemon (from top to bottom) thinks it's a plum and the second lemon thinks it's an orange. I looked a strip kits on and found that reel strip kit 536-SP-1,2,3 matches everything on all 3 of my reels except it has the plum and orange in place of the lemons at those first two lemon positions of the original reel strip. Am I mistaken to think if I change these reel strips that it should solve the problem? Seems to me that it would because everything else will be the same... If this is the fix are there any sources where original new Mills reel strips can be found?
Thanks again guys:)
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Re: Mills Castle Front Original or Reproduction

Postby flipper77 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:06 am

Glad for you that the payout problem was found to be an incorrect first reel strip. Infrequently, original Mills strips do appear on eBay but you would face a probable long wait to find your exact match. Rick Frink for years has been reproducing very high quality strips and he has your strips in stock. That would be your best step. Rick Frink contact info has been posted on the blog previously. Flip.
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Re: Mills Castle Front Original or Reproduction

Postby montanaslots » Wed Jul 25, 2018 10:56 pm

I have given some thought to your problem, I have seen reel bundles from the factory where the factory simply plugged the holes in the first disc in order to decrease the payout. Your reel strip on your bundle does not look replaced and has no signs on the edges of the strip being replaced and leaving signs on the reel tin edge. The color match is the same and so I believe this to be the way the bundle left the factory. Since you know that the two lemon symbols are punched in the disc like an orange and a plum, rather than try to replace a wonderful original reel strip, why not just plug the holes in the first reel disc. I would think that someone has plugs they have removed from bundles in their extra parts and that they would sell two of the plugs to you. The hole can be plugged either by a slotted circle metal piece with tabs or more often an arrangement of two washer like metal round discs with a very tiny screw threaded in the center. A more complicated way was welding a piece of metal onto the reel disc which I would not do. The two discs with a tiny screw are really not hard to put in if you have something flat and thin to hold inside disc in place while you screw in the outside disc. I would say that at some point the original plugs were removed and that is why a lemon is paying. You could order a lower percentage of payouts from the factory and it was easy for them to take a standard disc, put in two plugs and print two extra lemons on the strip. You operator would increase his payout substantially by not having the extra orange and plum payouts by decreasing the number or oranges or plums on the first reel. Dave aka mtslots
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Re: Mills Castle Front Original or Reproduction

Postby teh461 » Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:51 am

Wow that makes total sense. I agree that there are no differences in color between the reel strips so most likely they were installed at the same time. I also don't want to replace the reel strips if I don't have to. They are in great shape. I will go the route of trying to plug the two stamped holes in reel #1. Any idea where where I might find a couple plugs? I'm definitely not interested in doing any welding to the disc.
Thanks again for your help!
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