Trying to identify this mechanism

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Trying to identify this mechanism

Postby CalTiki » Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:54 pm

Hello D here again Got a chance to take a few pics inside the Roto Slot I was hoping that someone who knows a lot more about slot machines than I do can help identify what mechanism this is. I found a Mills manual online but some parts of this look different than what it shows. I'm sure they made a bunch of models over the years and this one may have been modified to fit in the Roto so anything I can learn will be helpful. I don't mind a mystery if it has a solution. LOL also i was looking into buying reel slips for it and no sets on the site I've checked correspond to what is currently on this machine and on the first (left) reel some cherries have been covered over with lemon stickers?? Is this a common thing to see? Also the left reel appears to have two slips taped together? Again, any help would be greatly appreciated shot a video of it in operation but cant figure how to post it here?

slot mech.jpg

slot 1.jpg

slot 2.jpg

slot 3.jpg

slot 4.jpg

slot 5.jpg

slot 6.jpg

slot 7.jpg
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Re: Trying to identify this mechanism

Postby oldslotman » Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:37 am

It appears to be a Mills mech that has been modified to fit that machine. Reels strips and reel disc were most likely modified by the maker of that machine to change the payout percentages.
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