Mills Vest Pocket

This area is to discuss trade stimulators. A trade stimulator is defined as a machine that does NOT pay the customer something of value (coin, token, etc.) when a winning combination is hit.

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Mills Vest Pocket

Postby Coinman451 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:09 pm

Hello COCF Community....I have recently begun obtaining and restoring Mills Vest Pocket and Plus machines. What a kick in the pants. Where possible I leave all original parts and pieces in place. I'm sure I 'm about to say the obvious, parts are tough. If I could get some guidance on parts, I would appreciate any assistance. Currently, I am in need of the following:
a few shoulder screws (Part 85 STD-255 and Part 94 CS-196 from the Model Code Vest Pocket Manual)
Coin device and roller assembly (MMB-201-POA)
Coin Slide Rest Arm & Stud Assembly (MMB-164-CSP)
This should be enough for my first entry. Thank you in advance
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Re: Mills Vest Pocket

Postby shortrackskater » Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:21 pm

Hmmmm no one replied!
I hope you're still working on VP's.
I get parts posting in the WTB sections here and on, although it's better here for mechanical stuff. I have bought a few parts machines on eBay but lately people are selling more complete or restored machines.

You may want to contact the seller in this listing. I think he may have more parts. ... 4320876505?
In case that listing disappears, here's the seller information: ... 7675.l2559
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