Determining the age of a slot machine

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Determining the age of a slot machine

Postby area41 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:15 pm

Anyone have an answer to this:
In the late 40's to 50's, the Mills Hi Top machines came with several different configurations of award cards. Black Beauty, Blue Bell, etc. I have a machine that does not designate anything, and it is not a repro.
I have pictures of at least 30 award cards. Taking into consideration the different payouts for any one machine, does anyone have any info on what year a certain award card was installed and on what machine?
In other words, can anyone tell me what award card designate is the year of manufacture of any one machine?
From what I have learned through reading and forums, it's is hard to tell any machine, from one year to another just by looking. Is there a serial number history?
Anyone out there have any clues? I am trying to write up a small booklet into the feat of nailing down the exact year of any machine.
When I finish, it will be free to anyone who wants it.

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