matching numbers

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matching numbers

Postby Bingobelle » Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:57 pm


I´ve 5 jennings machines ( 1 standard chief, 1 club chief super delux, 1 starchief , 1 bingobelle and 1 mustang modell.

The only one of those slots that have matching numbers in cabinett and reel mech is the bingobelle. It is build 1964 so it is a bit newer compared to the others except the mustang modell that is from 1966.

Question is, how often is the reel mech swapped out and therefore not matching numbers. I´m glad that at least my Bingobelle have matching numbers although it sure would have been more fun if it was the club chief or standardchief that had it.

Anyway, is it unusual to have matching numbers?

I also have a Mills from the 1920´s but I cant remember seeing any serial number on the reel mech in this case. it is a operators bell.

One funny sidenote is that the Mustang from 1966 have a serial number that is only 1 count differences of the reel mech and the cabinett. Do not remember number now and machine is not in my house so can not look but since it is only one in difference I feel that it proberly was mixed already at the factory. like this to explain, reelmech 214 567 cabinett 214 568
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Re: matching numbers

Postby standardchief » Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:34 pm

My understanding is that casinos would remove slot mechanisms from the casino floor for service, but they would not take the cabinet. There was no need to (or attention to) returning the mechanisms to the original cabinet. For that reason, many slots do not have matching numbers on the cabinet and the mechanism.
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