coin slides

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coin slides

Postby Bingobelle » Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:19 pm

I can not get my jennings to pay correct.

3 coins is 3 coins but 5 coins only pay 4 coins and of course the higher the more wrong it gets.

I´ve tried many different coins now. I´m pretty 100 % sure it is american quarter coin slides in the machine and as a matter of fact I found 10 quarters in a box from my american holiday we had 1981!!

It pays wrong with the quarters to! The machine have been operated in Sweden but when I bought it it did not pay correct on swedish 1 krona either because that coin is thicker. 1.88 mm thick compared to 1,75 for quarter and even though the amusement park had put in schims in the slides it only paid 16 coin when it should pay 18 coins. ( they did not care that much back in the days about this in sweden )

So I removed the shims ( they where badly made anyway ) i thought that maybee one day I will change in some quarters and then it will work. How ever, it seems not to do so.

So, is this something common that even if you have correct coin slides and coin it still pays incorrect or could it be that I actually have some very strange coin slides that are manufactured in Sweden many years ago?

There is no jamming or bent spring or anything, I have double checked. I wonder if the coin slides can be so worn that they have gotten thinner and therefore pays to little.

The reel mech should be late 50`s or early 60`s

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