[HOW TO] send a slot machine safely

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[HOW TO] send a slot machine safely

Postby gsx11r » Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:21 am

I don t know how to say this , but ,last month ,I bought a Slot machine from Oldtimeslots on « oldtimeslots.com ».

After a Shipping from USA to France , I was very afraid to receive a puzzle and not a slot machine . Specially for this machine , an hard to find slot !!
Well , I received the package last week . AMAZING !! Just PERFECT !!! thank you so much Bill .

Now it s time to explain how to make a good package !!!

-First , remove all parts that can be damaged , like handle ,side vendor ,gooseneck and why not the top casting !! Make a great package for this parts only . Sure , you need to pay two shipping , but you don’t received a destroyed slot machine .

Shipping 1.jpg

-Now ,the machine .
Be sure that that the mechanism don t move inside the wood case ,use some screw and nuts for fix the problem !
Shipping 2.jpg

-Protect the front casting likethis !!! the same for the upper casting .
Shipping 3.jpg

-Note that the slot machine is in a large bag , it s perfect for help you to extract the machine from this big package !!!
shippin 4.jpg

-Before to put the slot in the package, put some polystyrene plate at the bottom. And after some polystyrene plate on top and on each side.
Shipping 4.jpg

shipping 5.jpg

-Now ,it’s not the best way but it is THE IMPERATIVE way to use a Double box. Like this .
Here also, polystyrene on bottom, side and top !!
shipping 6.jpg

-And for the finish , don t forget to write “up / down” on each side of the package !!Postman like to play football or any other stupid game with package.
shipping 7.jpg

I know , it s time ,but like this you have an happy customer and it s the best way for sell more slot in the Future .
Now , the machine is at home ,SAFE !!
Just need time now for make a perfect restoration in the original spirit !! No chrome plated , no over polished ,original wrinkle red color,…!
Bill, thank you so much again for this !!!

And guys , if you have more tips ,please , update this thread.
Thank you and hope that this will save some slots !

shipping 8.jpg
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Re: [HOW TO] send a slot machine safely

Postby randyvw » Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:41 am

great post, stephane! thank you for taking the time to do this. i will be selling some machines soon, and the only coin machine i ever shipped was a caille busy bee. i sweated bullets until he got it, and let me know it was in perfect condition.
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