similar mills slots

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Re: similar mills slots

Postby madmelons » Wed Nov 23, 2016 2:51 am

i havnt posted a pix of mine but it has a service games decal on the side

maybe most of the european crown machines were US military base slots?

thats why majority seem to retain $ award on front glass and maybe thats

why mine still has US 110v lighting set up

interestingly the danish slot doesnt seem to have the vertical pinstripe on

the leading face of the outer edge of the castings unless they were ground


again, like most of the vintage slot business its very difficult to get definitive

answers to the whys and wherefors some 50 years later on.
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Re: similar mills slots

Postby Anglobritish » Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:24 am

Service Games (Mills Parts Catalogue) -22.jpg
Service Games (Mills Parts Catalogue) -2.jpg
Hi Madmelons,
If your machine as a sticker from Service Games, it was supplied or even operated in Nevada by one of the Service Games companies Service Games (Nevada) Inc, who in turn was the Official Mills-Bell-O-Matic distributor for Nevada, in 1958 they was also owned Service Games (Japan) Inc, Contrary to many people saying that Marty Bromley founder of Sega copied the Mills machines in Japan, that is not true, when the Johnson Act took effect banning the interstate shipping of Gambling machines, Marty bought a set of tooling from Mills and later closed a deal with Tony Mills to supply and distribute all Mills Bell-O-Matics machines and parts, these parts were made in Japan and assembled in Nevada by Service Games (Nevada) Inc under the direction of Korwin Hailey who was the President of that company, Service Games had a large coin machine route throughout Nevada, the four reel Crown model was an effort to compete with the Jennings Buckaroo model.

The one English 6p model shown in this discussion was supplied by Las Vegas Coin Ltd, a company in Poland Street, London, set up by my old associate David "GabE" Forman who was the official British Distributor for the Mills Bell-O-Matic Company in the late 1950's.
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Re: similar mills slots

Postby madmelons » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:48 am

thank you for all that info, much appreciated

I'll try to get s pix of the decals on the cabinet

Wish you could ring up the parts department

now and just order all those glasses and award


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Re: similar mills slots

Postby JHSS-1944 » Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:05 am

First, Marsonion , thank you for the photo of the machine from that movie ! nice to see it where it once was played.
2nd , thank you Freddy for your additional information !
Bell-o-matic decal on my machine , note the "unknown " street address on it in Reno. seldom seen decal, & have had images of it asked for by a few parts dealers ,so they could make reproductions of it if needed.
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