new mwmber looking for info on antique slot...

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Re: new mwmber looking for info on antique slot...

Postby TheFatman » Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:43 am

Just thought you would like to see the predecessor to the High Top Bonus machine. Its called a Horsehead Bonus, made in 1937 .... All original paint and unrestored.
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Re: new mwmber looking for info on antique slot...

Postby NACC » Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:58 am

thepennyarcade wrote:Normally you only see 5 coins in the escalator so I wonder if this is a converted roll away escalator.

TheFatman wrote:The escalator really looks to be changed into a rollaway. Otherwise, the coins would have a space in between each coin or it is jammed.
Dave F

JHSS-1944 wrote:I didn't notice the "roll away conversion" on it. I should have ,2 of my 50 cent machines are like this. not sure if this is an issue with the thin 10 cent coins or not. no big deal to leave or replace the 2 pieces.

I does appear you have a 'roll-away' escalator, as there are no separating travel fingers between the coins. The machine
would not have left the factory like this, and was most likely converted by an off-site operator, or sometimes the Casino
shops themselves. It is an easy fix, to get back to original. If you have rebuilt automatic transmissions, then this will be
a 'piece-of-cake'. So, it's time to hop off that "Can-Am", and get started on the "Bonus". :D

this is why I really love these forums- so much valuable info! I asked the previous owner about this (apparently he serviced these machines for a while way back?)
He said it was a common practice for casinos to go with the "roll away" conversion after issues with newer coins (I forgot the year he said) would jam because they were thicker and had sharper edges- he said worn coins worked much better?
I (personally) dont mind the conversion, it's neat watching the dime roll away on each play- as long as it doesn't interfere with the normal operation of the machine. lol @ hopping off the can-am! that's another obsession- avt'ing in the white mountains and northern maine. just bought a new can-am 100 xt- (fitted with a 60" snow plow of course :wink: )

JHSS-1944 wrote:you actually drove 600 miles to buy this ?....... Well , I do believe I drove a bit farther for the same. least we all know you really wanted it.
jeff H.

yep- it was a miserable drive at that. left rindge NH at 8am to make the drive down to easton nj. made it down there in about 4 hours- but the ride home through Connecticut was just miserable- got stuck on the wilbur cross pkwy (rt 15) it took over 2.5 hours to drive 40 miles- stop and go the entire time. if not for road rage and the fact I was transporting a slot machine through a state that prohibits them, I probably would've fallen asleep :lol:
finally made it home by 8pm! There's really nothing around me on craigslist for antique slots- nothing I wanted anyway. everyone seems to put a premium on them here in new-england. I traded this guy a 1 oz solid gold eagle coin (worth about $1200) plus $800 in cash for the mills bonus- so about $2100 said and done with gas.

SLOT DYNASTY wrote:The original Mills "Bonus" came in more than one color scheme, but the one I show here, which is totally original, is one of
the most common, and my personal favorite. It also happens to be a 10c model as well. Normally we try to leave machines
as original as possible, but being as yours has been repainted very UN-impressive colors, (especially the Black), it is advised
to redo. You will also notice the fully operational escalator, with a full row of coins. Hopefully we will be seeing examples
of your work, and final restoration. Good Luck.

I have to agree with your opinion on the original color scheme- can't wait to get the wood out from behind that hideous black! and the candy-apple red front has to go too!

TheFatman wrote:Just thought you would like to see the predecessor to the High Top Bonus machine. Its called a Horsehead Bonus, made in 1937 .... All original paint and unrestored.
Dave F

that HH bonus is pretty sweet. I found a .25 cent HH on ebay- but a bit out of my price range. Also- I figured I'd stich with the 10 cent slots, so I'd get more play time with the kiddo's; they'd blow through 4 quarters much faster than ten dimes :-D

I just ordered a case of 200 springs off ebay- figured I should have these at the very least!
I have some pics and questions about my mills- I'll post over in the restore forum :wink:
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