Number of serial numbers in the database: 7364

Welcome to the Coin Op Registry.

This is the place where you can be part of history and record the serial number of your antique coin operated machine (e.g., Slot Machine, Trade Stimulator, etc.) into the Registry.

Very useful if you are selling it on eBay because you can tell potential buyers that your machine is in the Coin Op Registry.

Please do not add any serial numbers of reproduction (AKA remanufacutred) machines or machines that have been converted from one machine to another (e.g., converted Penny Smoke machines).

If you are interested in researching the value, or selling, your antique slot machine then be sure and check out

If you have questions about antique coin operated devices then go to The Coin Op Collector Forum also has great information on how to identify reproduction / converted machines.

If you are interested in joining a club around Coin Operated devices then go to