A.C. Multi-Bell

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Re: A.C. Multi-Bell

Postby marsonion » Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:20 pm

clubconsoles wrote:Many thanks for your informed post marsonion.
it would appear that Harry E. Knupp was the inventor behind the patents for those machines.
However, I read in one of Dick Bueschels books that for the 1934 Dictator (first machine built under fuller-johnsom management), an industrial stylist by the name of George Walker was brought in.
I would suggest he may be responsible for the moderne triangular design to which you refer to?
I had to google the word "contemporaneous" lol
I have never heard that word being used in the UK and thought it was a term only used your side of the pond.
I stand corrected, definition below-

adjective: contemporaneous

existing at or occurring in the same period of time2.
"Pythagoras was contemporaneous with Buddha"

Wow, where to begin--? If you have turned up any evidence that G.W. Walker had anything to do with designing the 1934 DICTATOR cabinet, I'd sure like to see it. I'll admit that, in the attached DOUGH-BOY article, Bueschel talks around the subject a bit, but he makes it sound more like Walker was brought in to cure the Caille Bros. of the stylistic illness that made them vomit out the 1934 DICTATOR design! I think his words regarding the DICTATOR cabinet are pretty harsh there, and he goes on to say that to have applied the DICTATOR moniker to anything "in the thirties is practically incomprehensible." Is it possible that Bueschel was unaware that Studebaker manufactured a popular (and contemporaneous!) "Dictator" model for nearly a decade?


(Studebaker also manufactured a "Commander" model for many years. Hmmm...)

More to the point, on pg. 114 of "Lemons, Cherries and Bell Fruit Gum," Bueschel writes: "...Walker did the DOUGH BOY, CADET and COMMANDER, and probably influenced the double "CC" (Caille CADET; Caille COMMANDER) names of the latter two." I think if Walker "did" the DICTATOR, Bueschel would have mentioned it in this pg. 114 sidebar; further, I think Knupp alone designed the "Moderne" scale and the "Dictator" cabinet, as his name alone appears on the "Moderne" design patent, and those lines and those geometric motifs shared by the penny scale and the 1934 DICTATOR slot design are simply not Walker's "style." Frankly, it appears to me more as though Knupp later stole design ideas from Walker in creating the "look" of the Multi-Bell cabinet, with its headlight-like jackpot and chrome piping trim... Walker was a famous, cutting-edge automotive stylist, after all, and I think that's how Knupp may well have "updated" his design sense for the AC Multi-Bell project.

Again, I'll gladly eat all my words in the face of better evidence.
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Re: A.C. Multi-Bell

Postby clubconsoles » Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:12 pm

Hi marsonion
Many thanks for your post.

You could well be correct with your belief that Knupp did design the Dictator and Walker came along for the cadet, dough boy, commander, etc............
Where we do agree is that the Formidable looking Moderne cabinet is probably the most ugly cabinet Caille ever made!
Also, I concour, what were they thinking of calling it "The Dictator"in 1934.
It makes you wonder why they didn't go the whole hog and have Swastikas on the reel strips instead of the bizarre frames around the fruit symbols.
Any idea why they had those very strange strips on the Dictator??
This machine does appeal to me as I love streamline or deco era gambling machines, even though it cannot be said, this is one of the best design wise!

The info that does make me believe Walker was at least "onboard" for the Dictator comes from Coin Slot guide #3, page 7.
to save you looking it up, i have attached a the paragraphs below.
please peruse and let me know how you interpret it?
dictator coin slot 3.PNG
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Re: A.C. Multi-Bell

Postby markymarkuk » Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:53 pm

Just uploaded a couple of videos to compliment Dave's excellent insight to the Multi-Bell workings.
This has turned out to be my favourite machine in my collection.



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Re: A.C. Multi-Bell

Postby clubconsoles » Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:40 pm

Nice job Mark, well done!
loved the fact you stripped it down and re assembled without a manual.
Bet you didn't get the Multibell in the UK.
Would you share were it came from??
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Re: A.C. Multi-Bell

Postby markymarkuk » Sat Jun 09, 2018 10:31 am

Correct! Could never get this here in UK. Bought this from California.
Had a few issues, every now and then the arm would not pull unless pushed back, now fixed. Was a great learning curve and enjoyable experience stripping this mechanism down (maybe I need to get out more! lol). The machine works as smooth as silk now.
Guessing its an early 1936 model as the jackpot does not have the spring-loaded stop points which were added later.
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