A Bally 809-ZZN restoration.

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A Bally 809-ZZN restoration.

Postby Walz » Sun Sep 11, 2022 7:03 am

I'm currently restoring a Bally slot machine, it's going to be difficult to locate a hopper for it, however I have a lot of time to find it. I am a member of the New Life Games and I posted the WTB hopper trying to locate one. This is from the Mint Casino, it is original, no one has butchered any of the wiring, it's basically left alone, I am dismantling the whole slot machine and every single part is being cleaned, tested, repaired, the bulbs are being replaced, the wiring is going to be checked out for damage, so it will be exactly the way it was built in 1970. I am using other photos for reference, the books, and I restored another Bally slot machine, the same way so it should be really nice.
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