Keeney Super Bell ongoing saga

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Re: Keeney Super Bell ongoing saga

Postby OneArmBandito » Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:16 pm

I have not fixed the glass on top of the reels yet. It needs it for sure. Put that at the top of the list now that the machine plays again...
Turns out the issue that got me into this latest mess was the cam motor hanging up mid cycle. When I had that gear box open, I was turning it by hand and noticed that there was a bit of a hitch. Closer inspection ( stronger glasses) revealed a piece of shmegg between two teeth on the motor gear. I picked it out and hosed the housing out with carb cleaner before putting it back together.
I opted for spray lithium grease on the gears instead of filling the case w/ gear oil. It was leaky.
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