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Instructions for uploading an avatar to the forum

PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:54 pm
by Dave
An avatar is the image that is associated with your posts. Many of the COPS members use their customized logo. If you are a COPS member and want to use your customized logo then you should use the smallest one of the three that were emailed to you (it has 250 in the name). You should probably change the dimensions to 100 x 100

Here are detailed instructions on how to upload an avatar.

1. Login to the forum
2. Click "User Control Panel"
3. Click on "Profile" tab
4. Click on "Edit Avatar" link
5. Click "Choose File" an upload the 250 image
6. You might want to change the dimensions to 100 x 100 px
7. Hit submit

Once you do that your image will appear next to all your posts (including previous posts).