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Postby Dave » Sun Jul 16, 2006 7:44 pm

When I was at the Fey auction I talked to a couple of collectors who are members of this forum. However, they were not aware of several features of the forum so I thought I would post a sticky note listing the capabilities of the forum.

So, here goes:

1. You can tell the system to notify you every time a new topic is posted in one of the subject areas (e.g., "Just Chatting", "E-Bay", "Machines Wanted", "Machines For Sale". To do this, you need to login and when you are viewing a particular forum scroll to the bottom of the topics and you should see one of the two following messages:
Watch this forum for posts
Stop watching this forum

If you click on "Watch this forum for posts" then you will get an email everytime a new topic is posted. This can be VERY handy for the "Machines for sale" because you will get an email INSTANTLY when a machine is listed. There is no need to periodically go and check the forum

If you click on "Stop watching this forum" then you will no longer get the email notifications.

You need to set these options on EACH forum area that you want to watch. Most people watch "Just Chatting", "Machines Wanted", "Machines for sale", and "E-Bay".

This feature is probably the most useful feature of the forum. It allows you to instantly know when there is activity in the forum.

2. In addition to watching a particular forum area, you can also monitor a particular TOPIC within a forum area for replies. To watch a particular TOPIC, scroll to the bottom of the page (when you are reading a particular topic) and you will see one of the two following messages:
Watch this topic for replies
Stop watching this topic

If you click on "Watch this topic for replies" then you will be notified via email when ever someone posts a reply to a given TOPIC. Clicking on "Stop watching this topic" will stop you from being notified when people reply to a given TOPIC.

3. Search Capability. If you look at the top of the page you will see a link that says "Search". If you click on it then you can search for all articles that have a particular phrase or word. For example, if you want to search for all articles that mention a Mills Futurity you would just enter the word "Futurity" (without the quotes) and you will instantly see a list of all discussions which have the word Futurity mentioned in them.

In addition, you can search to find all articles posted my a particular forum member.

4. Contacting other members. There are two ways to contact another member of the forum. If you click on "Memberlist" you will see a list of all forum members. If they have a web page that will also be shown as "WWW" on the far right. If you click on the "WWW" then you will be taken to their web page.

You will also see "PM". That stands for "Private Message". If you click on it you will send him a message via the bulletin board. He will be notified via email and can reply via a Private Message. This allows users to communicate with each other and not disclose their real email address.

You will also see "Email". If you click that button then you will send an email to the user. The user will get an email with your email disclosed so you can reply directly to his/her email.

How you want to communicate to other users is totally up to you.

Other information disclosed in the member list is the general location of where the member resides (e.g., Denver, Co) IF they provided that information. We do not insist that this information be provided. If it is not provided that area os the Memberlist will be empty.

If you click on a member's user name you will be shown his profile along with the ability to easily see all messages that he has posted to the forum.

Regarding user names, some people user their real name, others use a handle they just make up. We don't care if you use your real name or a handle.

5. Viewing new posts since the last time you visited. When you login to the forum you will see a link that says "View posts since last visit". If you click on this you will see all the posts that have been posted since the last time you logged in.

There are several other features of the forum which I won't go into here. If you look around the pages you should be able to find them fairly easily.

If you have any requests for additional features feel free to let me know.

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Postby Docmuskie » Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:34 pm

Thanks for the opportunity to join in. My main reason is to try and find a few parts for a Mills goose neck machine that has been in my family for years. I have played with it for nearly 60 yrs. I'm not sure of the year it was made or model, the serial number seems to be 146312 If that helps someone to tell me. It seems to work pretty well. There is a plate behind the goose neck coin slot is missing. And the paper panel on the front that pictures payouts is torn. Lock is gone. Please tell me the best way to post my needs on your forum. It is likely I will need to post photos of what I need. Thank you.
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