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Re: Horse head bonus

PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:27 pm
by gsx11r
capt7310 wrote:EBay item 283091934294

Thank you for the link.
For me, the wood case is a restored case , with original wood but badly restored.
Original paint , good mechanism. I don t think that is a 25ç conversion, since there are so many parts to change for convert a 10ç or other in 25ç , that will be so stupid.
Sure , it s not the good badge, and I don t understand why since it s easy to find the correct badge (repro).
Not be able to see the back door and lock.( original lock are easy to find !! Door also .)

sam2002 wrote:Ebah item #

Hehehe :lol:
Exactly what I say ! EBAY ; price for tourist or a guy who search it since a very very very long time .
I have never pay this price for a watling cash box. Maybe 150$ max if complet with original lock, original key, the flap and original paint . And I don t talk about the very good repro from Metalform.
And if I remember well, the one on Ebay at 200 $ was a reproduction from Metalform !! SO sorry for the guy who bought it . #-o