How many slot machines are in your collection?

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How many slot machines do you own?

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Re: How many slot machines are in your collection?

Postby Richard13 » Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:47 pm

[quote="SLOT DYNASTY Many of these threads have vaulted off into new horizons, and are becoming so mixed up, that
it is getting harder to look back at certain subjects. I have found myself changing the subject at times, and don't like to take that route.
Now this thread has wandered off into "slot porn" and "gun porn". Where could that possibly go? I don't want to know! [-X
Might I suggest starting a new thread called "Talking about Absolutely Nothing". That way, I can just click on 'Delete', and go about the
more important subjects. :D[/quote]

Not sure if you were upset about Ricks nice article about his Garand stocks or if you are not up to date on current lingo, your thoughts are somewhat meandering. Possibly you are ignorant of popular lingo used for the last couple of years in almost every other forum on the Internet as it pertains to "porn" and other terms so let me re-edumacate (obvious intentional use of non word) you on the gun porn or slot porn reference, and others. With the advent of the Internet (invented by Al Gore who served in Vietnam) there has been an explosion of new meanings to old words. My reference to the slot porn = photos lots of photos, smack=heroin (not female superhero {pun intended} or a kiss) and hook up means sex not a fishing reference or an electrical/plumbing connection. LOL laugh out loud (you need more of lol) roflmao= rolling on floor laughing my ass off, IDK= I don't know and getting stoned is a metaphor for ingesting or consuming a controlled substance to alter ones perception or behavior, not a punishment to the death for incest to promiscuity etc.

What good is this thread if a newbie signs up and posts ONE...1.... Nothing else ONE, ONE WHAT. Something we can help with?

Not sure what your problem is I don't see you welcoming the newbie anywhere or encouraging them to participate, LIKE I DID, or ask questions or anything else positive. All I see is another bitch and whine pontification by someone that must be very frustrated in their life, work, relationship or faith, with nothing else to do but criticize and complain.

You know I could take your emails to me warning about other members and paste them in here for everyone to see. You must really believe you are the know it all on everyone's collection and reputation according to you and are not afraid to share your cantankerous opinions of them with others. You know who I'm talking about bashing his collection and telling me you were just saying things on the forum just to upset another member(s).

If you took one tenth of your negativism and turned it into positive encouragement and reinforcement this would be a much better forum. If not, then maybe you should contain yourself and refrain from posting your personal comments here. If you want to piss and moan and bitch and nag let me know and I will personally prepay and set you up a blog (Nattering Naybill of so you can share your narrow and closed minded views of the world according to you.

I enjoy reading almost everyone's posts and seeing their photos. It's great asking questions and getting help or answers like I get from many many other more seasoned members than I of this forum, it is a great reference for everyone young and old knowledgable on coin op or just starting out. ME? I bought nine or ten machines in my short time of being a member because of the camaraderie at first. But then recently there was a pissing match between other members that was public and soured me on sharing UNTIL NOW. I'm still a newbie and the negative manure (a word Bessie Truman tried to get her husband then POTUS {President Of The United States}) to use instead of the one I'm thinking of that really detracts from the enthusiasm anyone might glean from this forum just reviewing it and here we are again another urination match.

I know this will probably be deleted soon and I may become ostracized or even banned from the site, it is what it is. I have a nice collection now and know who to go to for positive answers and input.

Let me know if I need to refresh your memory on your comments about certain other member(s) and I will post them in the talking about nothing thread you suggested....or this one.

image.jpeg (34.6 KiB) Viewed 8423 times
Looking for survivor machines especially vendor fronts or original side vendors with or without
a machine. 1920's-30's goosenecks, round escalators. I enjoy hand painting the castings.
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Re: How many slot machines are in your collection?

Postby gsx11r » Fri Sep 09, 2016 1:21 am

Congratulation !!
We have our FIRST Troll on this great Forum !!
Thank you , hummm , No , not thank you !
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Re: How many slot machines are in your collection?

Postby SLOT DYNASTY » Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:49 am

WOW! Talk about getting ones Skivvies tied in a very tight knot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must have hurt big time!

Now that our family visits & fun, for the past few days, are out of the way, I find myself having to respond to this
very Rude & Chaste-sizing entry from Richard -the-13th. But before I get started, I will say this in all honesty. If
you remember correctly, I was one of the very first to welcome you into our Forum. The few chats we had at that
time, I did steer you in the right direction, when you became interested in Trade Stimulators. Mainly what to watch
out for, regarding Fakes & Reproductions, most of which were coming from the likes of the Vegas Butcher, and a
following episode, regarding 3 or 4 machines that you were interested in, that you asked me to look at, which I now
assume was not appreciated. You even asked me to contact you, when you were in the hospital, which I did. I have
no idea what you were suffering from, and you had returned one or two times after that. For whatever it was, or is,
you have my complete sympathy, as no-one likes hospital stays, for any length.

To start off with: I have no idea, where you came up with the idea, that I was upset with Ricks Garand Stocks. That
was your first pick-out-of-the-air. Secondly, I don't need to be lectured on use of 'Internet short abbreviations', like
"LOL", and the like. I am very familiar with most, and very seldom ever use them. It seems like 'LOL' is your favorite,
as you have worn it out, in most every posting.
You can give yourself a big pat-on-the-back, for welcoming the Newbie in this thread before I did, as if that was an
important thing to bring up, along with all the other insignificant comments after that. The ONLY person I whine about
here, is you. Most of the time, you just Babble-On about Nothing. You can make all your Silly-Assed comments about me,
and others, that have tried to help you on this Forum, which is not appreciated by you. It is taken with a grain-of-salt,
considering the source. Your attitude on this Forum, has also sparked personal calls to me, asking, "what's with this guy",
and "is he for real"? I wouldn't dare mention any names, as you would be slinging Crap at them as well. If they want to step
in, and join the Pissing Session, that is up to them.
If you think you may be banned from this sight, that is up to only one person, Dave. If you haven't got the Balls, to climb
out of your wet diapers, and learn to speak civil, to all that have helped you, then perhaps you should Ban yourself from
our very constructive Forum. If you calm down, and need help in the future, it is here. If not, so-be-it!
Dave has done a tremendous service to all of us, and I'm sure he does not enjoy seeing collectors slinging dirt at one
another. Especially when it has no constructive purpose.
Nuff said, about the slinging contest!

I will continue to answer any questions, and help whomever I can, as well as many other supporters do here. Although
some of us poke fun, and joke a bit, when it comes time to be serious, we are.
While I am on the subject: There is one other person on this Forum, who has had his share of Crap slung at him, and that
will be Freddy Bailey. He has been in this industry longer than most of us, and is a top-notch collector, and historian. He
has contributed More to this Forum, than anyone. Much in the way of original company ads, fliers, and photographs, along
with the history of many manufacturers. If that isn't worth your reading pleasure, then I don't know what is. Comments
have even been slug his way about his wealth, (whatever that has to do with anything). Freddy has had both good & bad
things happen in his career, some of which he has written about. Maybe things would be looked at differently, if His Avitar
had him sitting on the fender of a VW, instead of a Rolls. Or better yet Freddy, bring your '32 HiBoy out of the garage! :D
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Re: How many slot machines are in your collection?

Postby Anglobritish » Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:20 am

Well said Bill,
I truly feel that these new word abbriviations are not in good taste, but that is my personal opinion, but I do think members of this Forum should stick to questions about our hobby, that of coin machine collecting only. Any comments about me, I take with a pinch of salt, I started in the coin machine business in 1954, I did not ever go to school as my family was on the traveling fairgrounds of England, when I was 9 years old my father allowed my sister and I to have a cotton candy machine in the amusement arcade that he had bought on the East Coast of England, for that concession we had to work in the family business long hours every day of the summer, we were taught the value of money, by 1959 I had left home and started converting slot machines that were coming in from the U.S.A. Since that time I have had tremendous success's as well as several downfalls, but I never gave up and I survived all of the good times and bad times of our industry. In 1986 I sold out to a public company, and took $11,000.000 worth of stock in the company, part of my deal with that company was to hold my stock for three years, as we progressed I saw that the main board that was made up of Bankers (Wankers) had not got a clue about my industry, they expanded from amusement arcades, pool halls, pub's and restaurants to casino's and race tracks to even a Sports Betting location in Las Vegas, only to lose $28,000.000 in 21 day's in that location, and that was in 1991.

Prior to that I was Chairmen of The Game World Group in the U.K. a company I started in 1979 with $10,000 I built that company into a multi million dollar operation within one year, through sheer hard work and the knowledge I had of the industry, from making $300,000 a week to supporting it to the tune of $25,000 a week eighteen months later, this went on until I had sold my business's in Ireland and exhausted all of my wealth and on top of that lost that was probably the best collection of Antique slot and amusement machines in Europe in a mysterious fire that happened while in transit in a warehouse and was not insured, today that collection would be in access of $2,000.000.

But I did not let all of that stop me, I installed the first amusement arcades in McDonald's in Orlando Florida, 25 years ago, I opened some of the first Family Entertainment Centers in the U.S. I am still manufacturing video games today, so believe me it as not all been easy, after losing two wives because of my being a workaholic, I am now 74 years old, I have a beautiful wife who is 35 years my junior (We have been together for 16 years) and a beautiful 11 year old daughter, so after all of this, a couple of cheap comments from some idiots does not bother me in the least. The trappings of Success is a great motivation
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Freddy Bailey
1. Game World Coin Machine Col Left.jpg
1. Game World Showroom 1981_001.jpg
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Re: How many slot machines are in your collection?

Postby RameGoom » Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:40 am

Back to the original post (and Anglobrish, that's a GREAT story BTW) Here's my contribution to the few antiques I have, although the OP asked how many slots, not specifically antique slots.

I gotta think that small Bell Boy trade stimulator still counts as a slot?

I do have many electrical slots from the 70's - Jennings 400 - and also many E-2000 series Bally's, so those would up the total number of slots in my collection to around 50 or so.

Here's my antique lineup as indicated by the neon sign:
Slowly building a knowledge base on E2000 series Bally machines and J400 Jennings. Started with the antique Mills and Jennings. Getting there...
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Re: How many slot machines are in your collection?

Postby Dave » Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:27 pm

OK everyone.

Let's all take a deep breath and calm down.

Tomorrow I am entering the main event of a fairly big Texas Hold-em poker tournament and I will be off the grid so to speak for a few days so if you respond to this post and I don't reply it is not because I am ignoring you it is because I am playing poker :D

I have found coin-op collectors to have eclectic personalities. This is not bad and in fact it makes life interesting. I have also found that coin-op people are very passionate about their hobby / business. Again, this is a good thing.

What one person says in jest might be taken the wrong way by a person who someone has never met in person.

I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and I sure don't intend on banning anyone.

The only people who get banned are the spammers on the board and I have a pretty good system for detecting them and blocking their posts before any of you folks see them.

What I think might be an interesting thread would be an "Introduce Yourself" thread where people can post about their background and why they started buying coin-op.

I will probably start this thread once I get done with the tournament.

So, for now, please restrict posts in this thread to talking about the actual machines that are in your collection.

Remember, we are members of this forum to talk to other people about these amazing machines and their history and to help educate the new people.


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Re: How many slot machines are in your collection?

Postby Rick B » Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:24 pm

I wished we could somehow change our answer in the Poll. I have since bought 9 full size Bandit slots and 6 Trade Stimulators & one electric newer one.. I stopped for the last two months as I have other things to take care of. These can make you go broke if you are not careful . #-o :) Rick B
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Re: How many slot machines are in your collection?

Postby bkrsdoz » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:03 am

Well, I couldn't have just one, so I found another Bursting Cherry.
It is S/N 443061.
It works well, and the grandchildren now each have to play with.
I have attached a photo.
resize blue front.jpg
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Re: How many slot machines are in your collection?

Postby thepennyarcade » Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:57 pm

I have an even 30 at present. There are a few machines I would of liked to own (Witch & Kitty) but unless I stumble across them I have enough.
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Re: How many slot machines are in your collection?

Postby zeke » Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:55 pm

I have eleven
and always room for one or two more

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