Newbie Alert

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Newbie Alert

Postby nvmos2 » Tue Jul 27, 2021 3:02 pm

There seems to be severel members who have recently joined this forum who may be new to coin-op collecting.

Newbies to the hobby beware: before you buy any machines listed on eBay by thebentcoin, search this forum for Vegas Butcher and also read the threads that cover Bogus Trade Stimulators.

He has got some real POS machines currently listed.
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Re: Newbie Alert

Postby kentdun » Tue Jul 27, 2021 7:25 pm

I thought that guy had sunk back to the swamp he crawled out of.
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Re: Newbie Alert

Postby saloonkpr » Wed Jul 28, 2021 6:14 am

Bill Whalen is Laughing in Heaven ....
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Re: Newbie Alert

Postby cpdretired » Wed Jul 28, 2021 8:11 am

Bill had a few posts about Fred using other eBay sellers peddling his junk. Just so we have it clear it's "thebentcoin".
There is a member of this fourm that uses "bentcoin". He does not sell knockoff or counterfeit machines.
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