Daval King Blackjack?????

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Daval King Blackjack?????

Postby nvmos2 » Wed Oct 05, 2022 1:50 pm

This machine is currently for sale on flebay.

Of course, the King was not made by Daval, but its successor, Comet Industries and it was not a BlackJack machine; it was a poker game like its predecessor, Ace.

The interesting (funny?) thing about this sale; the 4th reel does not spin. The seller (who may be a member here) claims that this is a factory modification.
He bases this claim on a missing "kicker" and a cut-out on the part above the reels.
When I asked the seller how you "set it up", his reply:

"How it is setup.
You open the back door
and move it ( with your finger) to the card you want and close it back up. dose not move"

IMO, this is nonsense; I followed up with the following msg, but no response so far;

"You are mistaken (or have been misled); there was no such "factory Mod" on the King. The King was a straight poker game (not Blackjack or some kind of stud poker). Your machine has a mechanism from a Daval 21 with parts missing, including the "kicker' for the 4th reel. The cutout above the 4th reel was standard on the Daval 21 and was used for the linkage to reset the shutters.
Hope this helps."

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Re: Daval King Blackjack?????

Postby flyingfred » Wed Oct 05, 2022 2:14 pm

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