This Slot has an Addendum

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This Slot has an Addendum

Postby nvmos2 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 4:14 pm

Here is an interesting listing on fleabay ... 1438.l2649
it’s a 10 cent Castle Front with Future Play feature.

Got a laugh out of it, not just the crazy Buy-It-Now price ($2600), but also;
The machine has “Very rare period …… addendum” but it’s in “wonderful condition” and “From the 1920s.”

The seller does not know anything about slots, but came up with this listing after briefly getting some advice from a Facebook group (some of you?).

Actually, it appears to be in decent as found condition, but more interesting to me;
It’s a 10 cent machine with the deferred pay indicating it’s a confection vender;
Usually, mint venders with this feature are 5 cent machines.
Side plate indicates it MAY have had a mint vender at one time.
The payout fingers have been modified to reach up to the deferred pay mechanism
(the listing says it works, but the reels show 2 cherries and the “addendum” shows 0 payout). Also, the variable payout award card seems a little strange with the future pay feature which would indicate a fixed payout.

I’m thinking it’s a revamp by an operator who wanted the future pay feature, so he put it on his 10 cent machine and modified the mech to make it work.
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Re: This Slot has an Addendum

Postby rtmccurdy » Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:27 am

Yes! Looks like the vertical fingers have been adapted to make them taller so they would activate the future pay mechanism. There seems to be an incorrect handle and home-made cash box---all signs of an operator's creation. All of the original Mills ads I have seen of this particular model have been a 5-cent machine with side vendor, gold award, and skill stops. (As discussed in detail in Dave's YouTube video on the Future Pay Castle Front)
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